Servicing made Simple

Our comprehensive accessory programme includes chargers, booster packs, testing and servicing devices as well as battery terminals and adaptors designed for optimum performance and long service life of starter and industrial batteries. We supply the best accessory products from leading manufacturers such as Optimate, Lemania and SPE.



We supply a full range of Optimate High Performance Battery Chargers and Accessories.
Reliable, Safe, and Easy To Use, their products feature the latest technology and unsurpassed quality of both design and production. OptiMate Accessories range include battery chargers, testers, USB products, cables and connectors, all of premium quality and reliability.
OptiMate chargers are designed to automatically cope with a myriad of different possible battery conditions and assess, recover, charge, maintain and monitor the battery perfectly over many months if necessary.

Optimate Battery Charger Range

Optimate Charger Brochure

S.P.E. Chargers

S.P.E. manufactures on-board and stand-alone Smart battery chargers for Wet and Gel traction batteries and export their products all around the world. They offer an extensive line of high-frequency, programmable chargers ideal for Forklifts, Access Platforms, Floorcare Equipment, Electric Vehicles etc.

S.P.E. Battery Charger Range

S.P.E. Battery Charger Brochure

Booster Packs – For Mobile Power Anytime, Anywhere

Banner Booster Packs

Our range of Banner professional 12V, 24V and 12/24V automotive jump start packs are engineered to multi-start a wide range of engine sizes. These portable starting devices are quick and simple to use and ideal for transport in car boots. They are ideal for cars, trucks and constructions machinery and also offer a diversity of applications in the leisure area, e.g. as a power source for coolers, televisions and other electrical devices.

Banner Booster Range

Banner Booster Brochure

Lemania Booster Range

Europower are a proud supplier of Lemania professional booster packs. Lemania is the largest manufacturer of professional OEM Jump Starters in the world. Made in Switzerland their Start Boosters, Smart Battery Chargers and Battery Testers combine power and quality.
The START BOOSTER and the START TRUCK are engineered to be used or stored in any position, and are ideal for 12V, 24V, car, truck, marine or generator engines.

Lemania Booster Range

Lemania Booster Brochure

Testing Devices – ENSURE FULL POWER

Banner Testing Devices

A battery provides a constant supply of energy when it is kept in an optimum condition. Using Banner testing and checking devices, one can assess the battery charge status, the voltage, the battery acid level and much more besides.
As a result, it is possible to determine if and what measures are necessary for the retention of full battery performance.

Banner Testing Equipment Range

Banner Testing Equipment Brochure


Banner Servicing Devices

Our range of servicing products extends from protective terminal sprays to battery terminals, connectors and adaptors – everything that is needed for perfect battery maintenance and servicing.

Banner Servicing Devices Range

Banner Servicing Devices Brochure