Commercial Batteries

Next Generation Power

Europower offers the highest quality of commercial batteries for every type of commercial vehicle from trucks and buses to agricultural, forestry and construction machinery. The Banner Buffalo series are the most hardworking of Banner’s starter batteries. The Buffalo Bull is available in a robust version for initial purchases and two super heavy-duty variations as the Buffalo Bull SHD and the Buffalo Bull SHD Professional. These power packs provide reliable starting in every situation and in addition the SHD batteries supply in-board networks with sufficient power.

Buffalo Bull

If you’re looking for reliable brand quality suitable for your commercial vehicle, look no further than the Buffalo Bull. The buffalo bull is the perfect starter batteries for various commercial vehicles including trucks, buses and agricultural machinery due to their rugged construction, alloy plate technology and Banner’s renowned brand quality.

Buffalo Bull EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery)

Today’s long-distance trucks are not merely a means of transporting goods from A to B. They are also the truckers’ workplace and frequently their mobile home for up to five days a week. To meet these increasing power requirements, Banner has launched the new Buffalo Bull EFB onto the market.

Buffalo Bull SHD (Super Heavy Duty)

Rugged, constant use in commercial vehicles puts batteries to the severest test. Moreover the demands made on modern batteries have increased greatly in recent years and in addition to cycle and vibration resistance , characteristics such as ease of maintenance, operational reliability and cold start performance are more important than ever. The optimised Buffalo Bull SHD constitutes the perfect response.