Floor Cleaning Batteries

Floor cleaning equipment helps keep commercial and industrial facilities clean and safe all over the world. A reliable power source is the key to ensure efficiency and to keep the equipment up and running. Our selection of Flooded, Gel and AGM Floor Cleaning batteries have been chosen due to their outstanding deep-cycle capabilities and their heavy duty construction. Durability, reliability and performance mean less unplanned downtime and increased return on your battery investment.

Trojan Deep Cycle Range

Top floor scrubber and sweeper manufacturers, as well as maintenance companies, trust Trojan’s Deep Cycle Batteries to deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation of their floor cleaning equipment. Follow their lead and replace your batteries with Trojan’s Deep Cycle Battery products. They’ll give you the power to shine!

Trojan HydroLink™ Battery Watering System

Trojan Floor Machine Battery Range

Trojan Floor Machine Platform Brochure

Sonnenschein Dryfit Gel Battery Range

The Sonnenschein GF-V bloc battery range is designed for hard industrial use and does not require water refilling during the whole service life. GF-V batteries are ideal for floor cleaning machines, automatic guided vehicles, hand pallet trucks and numerous other industrial applications.

Sonnenschein Dryfit Gel Battery Range

Sonnenschein GF-V Gel Battery Brochure

Everexceed AGM Range

EverExceed EV batteries provide efficient and sustainable vehicle operations with minimal running costs over a long, low-maintenance service life. They are clean and safe making them ideal for use in floor scrubbers and sweepers where acid leaks could damage floors, walkways and carpeting. The EV series adopts German technology to ensure the batteries with features of long cycle life, lower discharge; high reliability; safety and environmental-friendly.

Everexceed AGM Battery Range

Everexceed AGM Brochure